Portrait Anja Benesch Anja Benesch
Kurstyp: 8-Wochen-Kurs
Lehrende/r: Anja Benesch
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sowie Wiebke Pausch
Termine: Di, 08.02. - Di, 29.03.2022
18:30 bis 21:00 Uhr
Veranstaltungsort: ONLINE
Beschreibung: The MSC course is a training course in (self-)compassion and is like a journey that is also an adventure in self-knowledge and self-kindness. The course consists of meditations, short lectures, self-awareness exercises, sharing in the group and exercises to do at home. It provides participants with a direct experience of self-compassion and to practice practices that allow self-compassion to arise in everyday life. Mindful self-compassion is an inner attitude of kindness, understanding and caring towards ourselves – especially in difficult moments of life. In the course, we learn to approach ourselves in the same understanding and supportive way as we would a good friend. The course offers a safe and supportive setting in a small group. It is open to all who are interested; meditation experience is not necessary to participate. You do not have to be an English native speaker, usually there is people from various countries and of different mother tongues joining us. All are welcome!

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