Portrait Wiebke Pausch Wiebke Pausch
Kurstyp: Schweige-Retreat
Lehrende/r: Wiebke Pausch
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sowie Colette Power
Termine: Mo, 01.07. - Sa, 06.07.2019
20:00 bis 12:00 Uhr
Veranstaltungsort: Moulin de Chaves
Le Maine
24640 Cubjac
Beschreibung: HEART WORK FOR HARD TIMES Language: English Difficult and challenging times, personally and globally, offer us a great opportunity to heal. The Heart Work for Hard Times Retreat offers a space to honour, turn toward our fear, anger,grief and despair and develop compassion. Holding ourselves and our present experience with honesty and kindness, we are able to respond to ourselves and the world around us with clarity and compassion. We become more able to be of service to ourselves, our communities and our planet. The retreat offers a space to practice together, to rest in beauty, to touch stillness and align ourselves to the immense healing power of the heart. With insight and compassion practices, and Body- Centered-Enquiry (heart work) we are once more aligned to our vastness, to our common humanity, to our amazing capacities for self-regulation and healing, and to our innate wisdom. This 5 day silent teacher-led retreat includes exploration of mindful self-compassion practices which cultivate a warm embodied presence and build the emotional resilience needed to meet the great opportunities of our time. There will be meditation guidance, talks, mindful movement and small group meetings, as well as an opportunity to meet up with teachers individually. There will be time to fully connect with nature within the natural beauty of Moulin de Chaves. This retreat is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners. It conforms to guidelines for MBSR, MBCT, Breathworks and MSC instructors fulfilling retreat training requirements. Please register here: https://www.moulindechaves.org/retreats-2019/heart-work-2019/

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